Dave RoeThanks for stopping by and looking in on my web place. A lot of my friends have these web places, and I thought maybe I could have one, too. As you may know, I play the bass, electric or otherwise. Mostly otherwise these days.

Here in this web place, there is information pertaining to my life as a human being and as a bass player. You'll find biographical info, photographic evidence, and even options to contact me if you want to.

I should also mention the studio space at my house that allows me to record on your amazing project via the Inter-web - - and you don’t even have to be there!! Now to me, that’s astonishing!

Hope to hear from you! That would be real nice!


Dave is now playing Warwick Electric Basses and Amps exclusively!
Details and photos to come!!

Warwick Basses & Amps!