Dave RoeI grew up in Hawaii, and take it from me, that did NOT suck. I moved to Nashville in the early ‘80’s, because I was tired of all of that beautiful weather, and also because I had a very cool relative here who let me stay at his house. I have been very, very, very lucky to have played with some of the coolest folks in this business we call show. Timm, my wonderful webmaster (does that make me his slave?), says that I should drop a few names belonging to the people who have let me play or record with them. OK! Here goes: Jerry Reed, Charlie Louvin, Mel Tillis, Chet Atkins, Dottie West, Vern Gosdin, Kathy Mattea, Vince Gill, Duane Eddy, Faith Hill, Lee Roy Parnell, Malcolm Holcomb, Rick Vito, Rosie Flores, Billy Burnett, Gary Nicholson, Colin Linden, Whitey Johnson, and many others who don’t want me to mention them. I feel a whole lot lighter after dropping all of those names!

In the early ‘90’s, my friend Hugh Waddell recommended me to Johnny Cash, who hired me to play in his band, the Tennessee Three. He also made me play upright bass, which I did not know how to do! That started my love affair with the upright bass, and slap bass in particular, that lingers till this day. To say that Johnny Cash changed my life would be an understatement. To say that Johnny Cash was the coolest, nicest guy I have ever known would be a MAJOR understatement.

After Johnny passed away, I toured and did some recording with Dwight Yoakam. Now that was very cool as well! See what I mean by lucky? Coinciding with all of this, I was a member of the Don Kelley Band for 13 years. This is probably America’s best honky-tonk band, and one of the house bands at Robert’s Western World, and an absolute joy to behold. I learned a lot being a member of that band, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone.

These days I am doing session work and playing in a couple of bands that needed a bass player. I also recently played on John Mellencamp’s record, No Better Than This, which was produced by T Bone Burnett. Now that was amazing! I even got to be in his movie! Now, see what you can do when people can’t get who they really want?

While you're reading, I’d like to huzzah a few of my heros: my son Jerry (without whom I wouldn’t be a father), Slick Joe Fick, Kevin Smith, Travis Mann, Timm Biery, Chuch Mead, Jimmy Hyde, David Platshon, Dave Dunseath, Geoff Firebaugh, and my lovely wife Jenn, who clearly has undying patience and a passion for the needy.

Thanks! See you and then some!